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Your virtual school is created by high-tech equipment to give you the best live learning experience. All lessons are created by expert teachers so you can quickly improve your English. 

When you enroll with us, you will be first taken to the English test to find your level. You will be enrolled in an online English class appropriate to your English level alongside a mix of students who you will learn with throughout your course. Alternatively, you can choose one-to-one classes with a private tutor to study with tailor-made materials.

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We include all the academic elements composing a traditional language course, i.e. reading, writing, speaking, and listening while making sure that we deliver 21st Century Skills through our online programme, which is an important part of our teaching methodology.

Consequently, we designed a course, which fosters mediation skills such as critical thinking, negotiation, digital literacy and communication skills in different environments. To reach this academic objective, we included a combination of:

  1. Virtual live classes
  2. Group work
  3. Self-learning
  4. Private tutoring

Combine interactive live classes, personal tutorials and self-learning for the best results.

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