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Eurocentres Interactive Live Classes

With 72 years of experience in language teaching, Eurocentres has been committed to providing services of the highest standards at schools all over the world. Now, Eurocentres is bringing its expertise online!
Our online courses are designed to help students progress with our tailored programme combining self-learning, group interaction, virtual live classes and personal tutoring. Eurocentres’ highly qualified teachers will guide students to define a study plan based on their objectives and language skills.

Included in English Live intensive courses

✓ 10 live virtual classes per week taught by UK based teachers
✓ 5 groups sessions per week to practice language and communication skills
✓ 1 private tutorial every two weeks
✓ 24/7 access to my.Eurocentres, our self-learning platform
✓ Individualized study plan
✓ Guided self-learning based on the student’s level and objectives
✓ Regular language & 21st Century Skills assessment and performance tracking
✓ Eurocentres Language Certificate of Completion based on CEFR
✓ Eurocentres 21st Century Skills Certificate of Completion based on CEFR

Recommendations for the best outcome

English Live Boost

(4 Weeks)

For Students who wish to improve or refresh their language skills.

English Live CEFR+1

(12 Weeks)

This Programme allows students to progress by 1 CEFR level on avarage.

English Live Fluency

(flexible duration)

Designed based on students’ initial level and their objective.

We collaborated with one of the best virtual classroom providers for education, which allows teachers the flexibility to do many more things than with other tools. All students can work on the same document at the same time. Teachers can divide the class into smaller groups to collaboratively work on projects and exercises. Students can access all sorts of material including videos, PowerPoints, quizzes, listening materials and websites.
This platform is powered by a Learning Management System (LMS), which allows teachers to share the course content generated from live sessions. The LMS also helps teachers track students’ progress, devise study plans, and define their schedules accordingly. Students can access all this information for an ultimate learning experience.

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