10 Things You Will Realise After You Study Abroad

Study Abroad Experience

 There are many life stages; each one of them gives us certain abilities, teaching us new ways to improve. Going to college, perhaps, the most tiring, enjoyable, and rewarding stage of them all. First of all, suddenly you become the commander of your own life, whereas maybe just a month ago, you were asking your parents to buy something rather pricy! Now, going to college abroad, on the other hand, brings all these experience with extra! This time, we will tell you 10 things you’ll realize and gain after your study abroad!

1- Your Independence                              

Studying abroad is a new chapter where you gain your true independence all by itself. When you study abroad, you get a brand new definition of the word. From the moment you hold your plane ticket in your hands to stepping into the city, you will call home, the whole process makes you more independent. Perhaps you used to get a little shy asking another fork in a restaurant, you know, something most of us dealt with! But after studying abroad, you best believe that you’re going to be so much confident wherever you go. The first reason for it is that, when you are studying abroad, you’re going to realize the comfort of conversation and the serenity you feel when you express your needs and thoughts. Your time studying abroad will boost your independence and thus, your quality of life!

2. You become more inclusive

If you didn’t grow up in a biracial family, or in a city where a lot of diversity exists, it is hard to see different ways of life and how different yet harmonious people can live. Studying abroad gives you this opportunity, living in a different culture than your own. This way, you can see how individual lives can exist in the world and can become more inclusive. 

3. Leaving Your Comfort Zone and the Advantages of It

Staying in your home country does have its advantages and comfort. However, studying abroad doesn’t mean you’re going to live a miserable life in a foreign country. Your new college country can win your heart. After all, every country has its beauties and distinguishing features. When one stays in his/her home country for higher education, there is a limit to your experiences and how diverse they are. When you study abroad, on the other hand, the moment you get on your plane, you start to step further from your comfort zone.

Now, comfort zones can be attractive and safe, and getting out of them can be scary at first. But just like your first time jumping in a cold pool, once you do it, you start to enjoy it. And you don’t want to get out! Why do you ask? Well, first of all, the water is actually nice when you get used to it, and the unknown is only for a day. Once you get to know the city and the people, new sides of you will come out without realizing.

4. A Broader World View

Until the age of college study, many of us only hear news about our own country, communicating with people living similar experiences as we do, even we have friends from other countries. When you study abroad and live in a different country, you get to have a brand new stand in the world. It takes just a plane (well, sometimes two planes but you understand us) and a suitcase (okay, we are almost sure you have more than one) to step into another way of life waiting for you to experience it YOUR WAY. It definitely has its difficulties, getting used to it may take time, however, even the process of it makes you a more open-minded person. Although we are under the same blue sky, the sunsets differently and beautifully everywhere. You are going to see it, you are going to love it! 

5. Finding a Second Home 

Now you may think this one is an overstatement, however, give us a chance, we have a point. Of course, our home countries can’t be replaced with their whole history intertwined in us. This is why; we call the country you are going to study in a second home. So many people in the world may not have this chance. You can experience a whole new culture by actually living in it; eating like a local, shopping like a local and living like a local.   

6. Seeing Yourself in a New Light

Everyone has a picture of themselves in their mind. Some are positive and some not so much. And some still have got no clue of who they are (does anyone really?)! If you are one of the second or third groups, relax because that is going to change. When you see yourself going around the city, handling your paperwork, getting the bus numbers and the underground stations right, you are going to have a lot more confident.  Some of the aspects you didn’t know existed will come out and surprise you. You’ll understand that all you needed actually was to get on that plane and take the first step into your studying abroad adventure. 

7. A Second Language

We think this one is obvious but can’t help to emphasize it! One of the most rewarding aspects of studying abroad is that you learn a new language and do it naturally. Imagine being surrounded by a language wherever you go; the underground, the streets, markets, cinema and many more. Your study is going to be supported by your daily life in the city. Moreover, you will be able to communicate with people who speak the language as their native language. This is an opportunity you get living abroad. And learning a language by living in its mother country gives you the advantage of learning it in a short time. The only thing we could add to it all is that learning a THIRD LANGUAGE is going to be on the horizon FOR SURE! 

You will get closer to your dream job after study abroad experience.

8. Your Career After 

These days the business sector is getting more and more competitive. Each day we try to add one more line to our CV. Studying abroad is an immense advantage for your ever-advancing career. Each step you are going to take in your studies abroad is a plus for your future occupation. Not only this but studying abroad also opens different career paths for you to think about.  You have more options and even bigger goals with this kind of experience in your hand and mind. And also, the tools to achieve it!

Study Abroad experience brings you new cultural experiences.

9. Reconnecting with Your Own Culture

Living in your culture every day is one thing, looking at it from a distance and an objective point is another! Studying abroad both introduces you to a new culture and makes you see your own with brand new eyes.  In your new home, sometimes you become an ambassador of your own culture, and this makes you wonder things you didn’t back home. You reconnect with your culture, even learning new things about it. 

You will get the courage you need after Study Abroad Experience

10. You become a quick thinker because of changes

A delayed plane? A snowy day with no access to the underground and an exam to get to? All of these last-minute variables make you think of new solutions.  The more your brain is forced the more it works!

Studying abroad is an adventure, to say the least, at first a little bit frightening and unclear. However, as a great and reliable mind once said (okay it is us!) ‘Once you overcome the mountain, you’ll see how beautiful the scenery is and how worth it was to climb it!’

Enjoy the ride.