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One of the most lively and dynamic destinations, Birmingham is the UK’s second largest city and a great choice for international students. Our school is located in the thriving centre of this regenerating city and is perfectly positioned next to the iconic new state-of-the-art library, imposing Victorian architecture and beautiful Birmingham Cathedral. To offer equal opportunities for all staff and students, celebrating multiculturalism and tolerance, to achieve academic excellence. The Language Gallery UK aims to provide language skills, an experience, and a sense of community to all our students by introducing fun and meaningful social activities to the learning experience.

Choosing Your Course

General English
Monday - Friday (15 hours per week)

Improve reading, writing, listening and speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and study skills.

Learn to use strategies and techniques to develop all skills to make the maximum progress.

Feel more confident in English-speaking environments and interacting with other English speakers.



1-24 weeks


25+ weeks


INTENSIVE English (most popular)
Monday - Friday (19 hours per week)
Electives will build on learning from the core classes and allow students to focus on areas of particular interest. Develop your knowledge of English through studying your city, giving you more skills and ideas for your time outside of the school.



1-24 weeks


25+ weeks


Minimum age: 16 Students max class size: 16

Why Choose Language Gallery?


Flexible classes to help you reach your learning goals. Students can move easily between General English, IELTS, English for Work and Academic English classes.
Weekly assessments to help you understand your progress.
Tutorials to discuss your development and set learning goals.
Personalised progression. Our teachers are trained to identify when you are ready to take a level test and move to the next level.


Teaching techniques that encourage independent learning and foster confidence are combined with the following highly effective techniques and approaches for the teaching of English:
Task Based Learning - Practical activities and tasks to help you develop and improve your language skills.
The Lexical Approach - Functional language and vocabulary for everyday life and real life situations.


Guided Discovery - Explore the language and personalise it to your life and learning goals with the support of our teachers.
This communicative teaching approach is based on 50 years of academic research.

Choosing Your Accommodation

We want to make sure that you have a good experience in your home away from home. Each city offers its own accommodation options to meet your comfort and budget needs.

Homestay accommodation

As our schools are located in multi-cultural cities, you can take the opportunity to stay with families from different backgrounds. Here you will be immersed in local culture and language by living in a family environment. Homestay accommodation is a great place to practice your English outside of the classroom. All homestay houses offer a clean and comfortable room and different meal plans are available to meet your needs.


Homestay, half board, single room

£195 per week

Homestay, half board, twin room

£185 per week

Homestay, bed and breakfast, single room

£165 per week

Homestay, bed and breakfast, twin room

£155 per week

Residence Halls (18+)

Our halls of residence offer a range of rooms and prices to suit your budget. Safe and secure residence options are conveniently located in each city and are home to students from all over the world. Living in halls is your chance to live independently and socialise with other international students while you enjoy the city you’re studying in.


Single Ensuite

£190-£280 per week

Twin Ensuite

£220-£300 per week


Not includes