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An exhilarating cosmopolitan city, London is the financial hub and business capital of the UK.
OISE London has an enviable location and occupies the whole of a grand, historically important 17th century building in a quiet, classy street in the very heart of London. The school is just minutes from underground stations, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, the Thames and Covent Garden.


OISE was founded in Oxford in 1973. The success of a course is dependent on the community of purpose that stems from the ambitions and drive of every single participant. This strong conviction has always led OISE to appeal to the more motivated students who will feed off each other and establish a serious study environment. All the participants are coached to target a level of eloquence in English that exceeds their own expectations.

Choosing Your Course

Teachers are chosen for their personal qualities and their ability both to engage the participants and to facilitate the language learning process. They are trained to focus on the needs and weaknesses of their learner and to plan the structure and content of the lessons accordingly. The students therefore always receive tuition that is relevant and based on what they actually need to learn. You will be able to express thoughts, ideas, opinions confidently and fluently.
The Quatorial Programme
(30 hours per week)
The Quatorial course is designed with precision to give participants the skills and confidence to interact effectively in English. A carefully engineered management training environment enables participants to improve not only their language skills but also their confidence in tackling international situations. 30 hours of tuition per week includes a productive balance of 15 hours language acquisition lessons with a tutor-student ratio of 1-4 and 15 hours of authentic practice workshops with a ratio of 1-6.



£1,473 per week

The Tailored Quatorial Programme
(30 hours per week)

The Tailored Quatorial Programme

Inclusive of 5 hours Tutorial lessons


Inclusive of 10 hours Tutorial lessons


Inclusive of 15 hours Tutorial lessons


Homestay accommodation in single room with half-board is included in all course prices. A one week course attracts a supplement of £90. For a course of 12 weeks duration or longer, there is a reduction Maximum: 4 students Minimum age: 16 years Course dates: All courses begin on any Monday of the year (unless otherwise stated).

Why Choose OISE?


OISE’s pedagogy gives the students a fresh look at their established language learning beliefs. Rather than persevering with the acquisition of the core knowledge of the language, the elaborate suite of modules on an OISE course provides the students with a strategy to manipulate the language, whatever the live communicative situation (presentation, negotiation or social interaction) be it in a business or an academic context.


Delivering The Tutorial lesson, a teaching tradition of Oxford University, is one of the most effective methods of education. The entire course is conducted by means of individual tuition thus allowing the lessons to be adapted to the precise level and goals of each participant.



The overriding objective is to give the learner sufficient confidence never to be at a disadvantage among other English speakers.

Choosing Your Accommodation

London offers many independent options for accommodation and we will be happy to assist you wherever you choose to live. You can decide to stay with London hosts, or in residence accommodation where you will be sharing spaces with other students and international explorers.

Homestay accommodation

OISE has a policy of never allowing two students of the same mother tongue to stay in any one homestay. All students have a single room. Each host family is selected and monitored according to strict criteria laid down by OISE. Houses must be comfortable, the hosts welcoming and, above all, genuinely interested in receiving students and helping them to develop fluency in the English language.