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Regent was one of the first groups of English language schools in the UK. It was established over 50 years ago in 1964 by a passionate, experienced teacher who wanted to found a proper school, with proper teachers and proper courses. Today Regent offers innovative courses in a choice of academically and culturally rich locations that create life changing opportunities for our students. Fundamentally, we understand that knowing about English is not enough – what is important is the ability to use English successfully in your life.


About Regent Oxford
• World famous university city
• Impressive school with large garden
• Ideal for motivated, serious learners
• Enjoy the Oxford’s elite academic atmosphere
Learning experience
Regent Oxford is a centre of academic excellence for which we have been renowned locally and internationally since we were established in 1953. Our goal is to provide you with a learning experience that has an immediate impact and a lasting effect on your life.

Choosing Your Course

Your progress matters
We are passionate about your learning experience and work hard to ensure that you leave us with significantly developed skills, confidence and performance in English.

You can expect to make good progress every week. We have a strong supported learning framework to help you learn effectively. We have a unique academic programme, with a syllabus linked to the Common European Framework. As well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, we work on your spoken performance with tasks focusing on body language, voice quality and eye contact. We ask you to work in international teams to develop useful life skills and encourage you to take at least one exam.

We set progress tests and structured homework tasks to provide clear support to your learning. On at least 4 mornings a week students join a short, thought- provoking plenary session e.g. on personal qualities, leadership or culture.

Your teacher
Our teachers are our greatest strength and are the main reason for the success of our students. They are passionate about teaching and helping you to develop.

Whatever your level, we push you towards taking an external English language qualification to show your achievement. The longer you stay, the more progress you make.

General World a.m.
Monday - Friday 08:45-12:30 (15 hours per week)
This course comprises 15 hours (one hour = 60 minutes) of study per week, plus 1.5 hours of plenaries and workshops.



1 week


2-11 weeks


12-52 weeks


Monday - Friday 08:45-15:45 (25 hours per week)
This intensive course comprises 25 hours (one hour = 60 minutes) of study per week, plus 1.5 hours of plenaries, workshops and a coaching session. On Friday afternoons you can choose to have free time or participate in an extra-curricular activity.



1 week


2-11 weeks


12-52 weeks


All our classes have a maximum of 12 students The minimum age for students wishing to join a course is 16 years old

Why Choose Regent?


Regent Promise
When you study with us you get more than just lessons in a classroom. Our programmes can be life changing. Regent promise a unique course for every learner.


In each Regent School every full time adult student has:
a welcome and orientation on their first day
an individual assessment of language ability and needs
a weekly coaching session with a personal tutor
the opportunity to take an exam



video feedback on their spoken performance
a group project to develop international team working skills
use of multi-media and study resources on all courses
an activity and excursion programme
counselling for future work or academic life

Choosing Your Accommodation

Homestay accommodation

Many students choose homestay – living with local people in their own home. Living with a family gives you the opportunity to practise what you have learned in your lessons and provides an authentic cultural experience.


Homestay – Single, Bed, breakfast and evening meal

£230 per week

Ensuite Homestay – Single, Bed, breakfast and evening meal

£353 per week

Arrival day is Sunday, departure day is Saturday

Residential accommodation

This option gives you more independence and allows you to experience life in a student university style residence.


Single room (min age 18)

£374 per week

Ensuite room (min age 18)

£424 per week

Private Apartments

From £550 per week

Arrival day is Sunday, departure day is Saturday


  • All tuition
  • Regent file
  • Certificate of Achievement