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Regent’s University London is a private university, with a highly cosmopolitan community, based in royal Regent’s Park.

Set in the heart of the UK’s vibrant capital, Regent’s is a superb place in which to live and study, just minutes away from all that this world-class city has to offer. It is a small, friendly University with around 140 different student nationalities on campus. Our English language students are able to mix with undergraduate and postgraduate students from around the world, and enjoy the same facilities that they do.

Choosing Your Course

At Regent’s, we believe in face-to-face education. You will benefit from high levels of personal attention and regular contact with your tutors. Our highly trained English language tutors will be there to help and guide your studies throughout your time at Regent’s.
General English
Monday - Friday 09:15-12:30 (15 hours per week)
This course is aimed at students who would like to improve their skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) as well as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.



2-16 weeks


17-24 weeks


25+ weeks


Monday - Thursday 09:15-12:30 and 13:30-15:00 Friday 09:15-12.30 (21 hours per week)
An intensive course combining General English in the mornings with English skills classes in the afternoons. On Friday afternoons you can choose to have free time or participate in an extra-curricular activity.



2-16 weeks


17-24 weeks


25+ weeks


All our classes have a maximum of 15 students The minimum age for students wishing to join a course is 16 years old Classes run from Monday to Friday There is a 15-minute break during morning classes

Why Choose Regent’s


English language students enjoy a supportive, personal environment, with small class sizes and individual attention. At Regent’s you will be a part of one of the most cosmopolitan educational communities in the United Kingdom.


With classmates from all corners of the world, you will make international friends, learn about other cultures and build a global network of contacts for the future. Mixing with 3,500 international students on campus, at Regent’s you will never be just another face in the crowd.



We want you to get the most out of every moment as a student at Regent’s. You’ll find plenty of opportunity to have fun and get involved.

Choosing Your Accommodation

Homestay accommodation

Homestay enables you to experience a British way of life while you study. Private and homestay accommodation options are available throughout London, organised by experienced external providers. They are conveniently located, close to public transport and offer a high standard of accommodation. You can socialise and eat with your host(s), giving you the chance to practise your English outside the classroom Hosts are selected for their friendliness and homes must meet British Council and English UK standards.


Standard single room Zone 2

£235.00 per week *

Standard single room Zone 3

£195.00 per week*

Standard single room Zone 4&5

£180.00 per week*

On-campus Accommodation

Reid Hall is located on our campus in Regent’s Park overlooking the surrounding gardens. Living on campus allows you to relax and socialise, while being just moments away from the classroom and campus facilities. Single and shared rooms are available (twin or triple) with shared bathroom facilities.

*Prices are per person, per week and include £90 of meal credit. This does not guarantee you three meals a day, seven days a week: you must budget to make it last. If it runs out you can add more credit or use cash.


Reid Hall single room

£420 a week, food* included

Reid Hall twin room

£340 a week, food* included

Reid Hall triple room

£325 a week, food* included

Fees Include:

Terms and Conditions

£250 deposit is required upon completing an accommodation request form, £50 of which is a non- refundable housing placement fee.


Bookings cannot be cut short within the first four weeks of stay. Thereafter two weeks’ notice will apply.

Cancellation, postponement and curtailment of stay received less than two weeks prior to arrival, or no show, will incur a charge of two weeks.

■ In addition, the following charges may apply:

– £15 supplement per person per week for summer bookings (June, July and August).

– £35 supplement per person for bookings over the Christmas period.

– £15 supplement per person per week for special diets.

■ Rates are valid until 31 December 2021, but are subject to change.